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New Home, New Furniture?? No need when you've got a can of Frenchic!!

Posted by Robert Hillier on

We've spent this last week transforming a few simple pieces for our customers new home.

Having not even moved into their new home just yet, they knew that they needed a couple of functional pieces, but unsure what their colour schemes were going to be, we opted for the lovely neutral Frenchic 'Stone Rosie' from the Lazy Range.

The Oak Nest of Tables and Bedsides were bought pre-loved from ourselves whereas the 3 little tables they'd already had for years. Despite being three very different styles of furniture, a lick of paint in the same colour helps to unite them. 

Colour can play a massive part in any home; to create a sense of light, space and flow or to draw the eye with a bold statement piece. Whether it's good old 'brown' furniture or 'orange' pine, they can enclose a room without even being big pieces of furniture. Don't be tempted to throw them out and start again, they can so easily be transformed! A room full of mis-matched furniture can be united by a simple colour scheme, and you can have piece of mind knowing that you're doing your little bit for the environment!!! 

Armed with a 750ml can of Frenchic and a good brush (Frenchic Natural Fibre Oval is always our brush of choice) you can transform the whole look of a space without having to fork-out a fortune after what has already most probably been a costly exercise of moving home..... And, you can create something that is totally unique to you!! 



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