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To Paint Or Not To Paint......?

Posted by Robert Hillier on

We were recently contacted by our client with photos of a this Stunning Oriental Drinks Cabinet with intricate carvings. Our first reaction was 'No, we can't paint this..... You need to get it valued!' He was adamant that he'd bought it for himself to enjoy in his own home, regardless of value and was keen for it to take pride of place in their Dining Room from where it had been banished in it's previous 'Brown' form!!!

Oriental Carved Drinks Cabinet

Oriental Carved Drinks Cabinet

The brief was 'Think Champagne'.....

To achieve this, we've used Frenchic Lazy Range 'Salt of the Earth' as a base colour. We've then used Defining Wax on the carvings to add depth and definition, followed by a mix of 'Gorgeous Gold' & 'Sexy Silver' FrenSheen with Clear Wax dry brushed over the carvings. A glaze using the Frensheen mix with Finishing Coat has been used inside the doors to add a bit of interest, but without detracting from all of the beautiful carved detail on the outside.

Oriental Carved Drinks Cabinet painted using Frenchic Paints

Oriental Carved Drinks Cabinet painted using Frenchic Paints

It's often a very devisive subject whether to paint an antique piece of furniture..... Ultimately, the decision is yours! It's your furniture and your decision whether you leave it sat in a garage or shed gathering dust (and potentially worse) to try to preserve its 'value' or whether you bring it into your home to enjoy it and the memories it may hold for you if it's been passed on from a relative. 

Oriental Carved Drinks Cabinet painted using Frenchic Paints

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  • This is stunningly beautiful, well done!

    Debby on

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