Frenchic Paint - Al Fresco Indoor/Outdoor Range

Al Fresco Indoor/Outdoor Range

Frenchic Paint Al Fresco Inside / Outdoor Range has gained fame for transforming front doors up and down the UK. It is a durable, weatherproof, UV resistant chalk paint specifically developed to protect and transform your garden and inside furniture. Frenchic Paint Al Fresco is self-priming, self-sealing, self-levelling with an almost flat matte finish. Low in VOC, it is suitable for wood, laminate, UPVC, composites, ceramics, metal and is certified safe for use on children’s toys (EN 71:3). Key colourways include Smudge, Dusky Blush and Dazzle Me.

So, if you're thinking of painting garden furniture, kitchen cupboards, your UPVC front door or even kitchen tiles, this is the paint for you! 


Preparation & Use


1. Clean surface with Frenchic Sugar Soap diluted in warm water as per instructions on label.


2. Rinse with cold water to remove any residue, then leave to dry thoroughly.
3. If necessary, give surface a light sand to key. 
4. Apply paint sparingly. Spread evenly, using long, light brush strokes, avoiding runs and drips. Applying paint with a Frenchic Oval Brush is recommended to assist with ease of application and overall finish.


5. Allow paint to dry thoroughly between coats. The paint may feel touch dry in around 20 minutes, but please be patient and allow a minimum of 2 hours between coats for best results and durability.
6. Build coats to desired finish. The number of coats required will depend on the colour you choose. Some will need 2 or 3 coats, whilst others can take a little more.
The Frenchic Al Fresco Range has a water-resistant sealant built-in so does not require additional waxing or sealing. However, Frenchic Finishing Coat can be used to achieve more of a gloss finish if desired.