Frenchic Paint - Brushes

Frenchic Paint Brushes are handcrafted in Italy using centuries old traditions. We have a selection of over 11-brush types, including Oval, Flat, Blending, Detailing, Wax and Stencil. Our Oval brushes are made with a careful ratio of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio, constructed particularly for superior chalk paint ‘pick-up’. Our superior synthetic flat brushes are fantastic, while our wax brushes offer a shorter, firmer bristle, which is ideal for getting into all the ‘nooks and crannies’. We really do have a brush-type for every paint, every surface and every project.   


Caring for your Brushes 

Clean thoroughly using hot, soapy water, massaging the bristles to get rid of any paint. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry flat. Between coats of paint, wrap in cling film to stop paint drying out.