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Zibra Paint Brushes

If you are in the furniture refinishing industry or a keen upcycler here in the UK , you may have been staring forlornly across the pond at the US and Canadian furniture flippers using Zibra Brushes. They have been hugely popular for their quality and price point. 

Zibras proprietary, high-performance engineered poly-monofilament blend is designed to create a balance of tip softness with high stiffness retention resulting in ultra-smooth paint release and long-lasting durability even in hot and humid climates. Our bristles are smaller in size allowing for 25% more pack-out than the industry standard brush. All of these features contribute to providing incredible paint pick-up, controlled release, unmatched smoothness, and effortless clean-up.

The exclusive rounded, hour-glass-shaped design is carved out of hardwood with strategic locations on the handle to provide optimum comfort, a reduction of hand cramping, offering all-day ease of use.