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Cornish Milk Mineral Paint - Limited Edition - Seahorse - 250ml

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Limited Edition - Seahorse

A bold and vibrant teal, inspired by the Tiffany & Co. iconic blue box. 

Cornish Milk have collaborated with one of their official stockists, Jacked Junk to create 2 very special limited edition shades for Summer 2022 to raise awareness for Autism and raise money for The National Autistic Society. 10% of all proceeds from each tin sold will go directly to the charity.  

A new and improved formula which contains 100% organic earth pigments sourced from the UK. Offering superior coverage and minimal prep, Cornish Milk Mineral Paint can be used on almost any surface, both inside and outside of your home. 

Cornish Milk Mineral Paint is a water-based, non-toxic, non-solvent, non-chemical environmentally friendly paint with an extremely low natural VOC content of just 9g per litre and no added VOCs. It is self-sealing, self-levelling (little to no brush strokes) and self-priming, saving you both time and money in having to apply additional products (although in certain circumstances such as application on a particularly glossy surface or over laminate, etc. we would recommend a coat of primer, such as Cornish Milk Traditional Eco-Primer).

Top Tips for Applying Cornish Milk Mineral Paint:

1) Clean all surfaces thoroughly using a cleaner such as Cornish Milk Bio-Clean. 

2) Lightly scuff sand to give the paint a good key to grip to.

3) Using a good quality synthetic paint brush apply paint in a 'less is more' fashion. Cornish Milk Mineral Paint goes a long way and to achieve a flawless finish, it is better to do two light coats rather than one thick coat. Initially, the first coat may look sheer, but the second (in most cases) will provide a full, opaque coverage. 

4) Allow first coat to dry thoroughly before applying the second. The first coat may feel touch dry after around 10 minutes, but we recommend a minimum drying time of 1 hour between coats. 

5) As Cornish Milk Mineral Paint has a built-in sealer, there is no need to apply any additional wax, sealer or varnish to finish. It dries to an ultra matt finish. If you would prefer a soft stain sheen, this can be achieved by simply buffing your fully dried paint with a lint-free cloth. 

6) For more of a satin or gloss finish, or for additional protection in high-use areas such as dining rooms and kitchens, we recommend a water-based, non-yellowing top coat, such as Dixie Belle Clear Coat

7) Allow paint to cure for between 10-28 days. Once fully cured, your freshly painted surface will become ultra-durable, water resistant, scuff resistant and UV resistant. This time will vary dependant upon the surface and the climate. 

8) 500ml of Cornish Milk Mineral Paint will cover approximately 10sq metres. As an example, this is roughly one standard chest of drawers and a pair of bedsides. 

9) Being water-based, clean up is simple! Just wash your brushes in hot, soapy water and leave to dry flat.