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Dixie Belle Paint - Howdy Do Hemp Seed Oil - 8oz

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A natural hemp oil which is great for those that suffer from chemical sensitivities and can not use solvent based products. This naturally thin viscosity, food safe oil will penetrate porous surfaces well so can be used on bare wood, over Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint, on cutting boards, carved utensils, and to revive old wood finishes. Hemp Oil dries to a matte finish and will not produce a gloss or even much sheen.

A little goes a long way and hemp oil will harden over Dixie Belle Paint within 30 days to create a beautiful, durable, water resistant finish. It’s ideal over darker colours. 

This oil will darken and enrich the wood with a soft lustre. Generally the older the wood the more it will darken it. This will vary based on the type of wood and the age of the wood. It is highly recommended to try a small amount on an area to find out how your project will look with this application.

How to apply:

Start with a clean, dry surface. Apply a small amount of oil to the surface using a Lint-free cloth or brush (our 2" Natural Fibre Chip Brushes are perfect!) Rub gently until it is absorbed by the raw wood or chalk mineral paint base. Allow 2 hours’ drying time. Apply 2-4 coats, as desired, for additional protection. Wipe away any excess oil after 12 hours and allow 2 days to cure. Clean brush/applicator pad with soap and water.